Cluster-Coordinator: Vanderkerken K.

Cluster-link: http://oco.vub.ac.be/http://oco.vub.ac.be/

(Associated with Cellular and Molecular Immunology (CMIM - Faculty of Sciences))


Research groups:

  • Hematology & Immunology (HEIM) 

Coordinator: Vanderkerken K.



  • Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Therapy (LMCT)

VUB-ULB Joint Research Group: Immunoregulation

Associated with UGent: Research Consortium on Particle based Immunotherapy (PACT)

Coordinator: Breckpot K.


  • Laboratory of Medical and Molecular Oncology (LMMO) 

Coordinator: Rooman I. 


  • End-of-life care (ZRL)

Associated with UGent: Zorg rond het Levenseinde (ZRLA)
Coordinator: Deliens L.



  • Translational Radiation Oncology and Physics (TROP) 

Coordinator: De Ridder M.