Development - Ageing and Pathology

Cluster-Coordinators: Bautmans I. and Martin K.W.

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Research groups:

  • Frailty in Ageing (FRIA) 

Associated with UGent: Research in Geriatrics and Gerontology (REGG)

Coordinator: Bautmans I.


  • Internal Medicine (INTG)

Coordinator: Velkeniers B.


  • Growth & Development (GRON) 

Coordinator: Vandenplas Y. 


  • Emergency and Disaster Medicine (URGE)

Coordinator: Hubloue I.


  • Microbiology & Infection Prevention (MIPI) 

Coordinator: Pierard D. 


  • Surgery (HEEL)  

Coordinator: Lamote J. 


  • Anesthesiology (ANES) 

Coordinator: Poelaert J.


  • Oral Health (ORHE)

Coordinator: Bottenberg P


  • Immunology of the Skin (SKIN)

Coordinator: Gutermuth J.